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A space where CEOs, Office Managers, HR Managers, and People Operations can:

Discover Nibol for Business and stay up to date with the new features.

Propose new features and report bugs about Nibol for Business.

Share best practices, tips and suggestions on the HR field.

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The review of the application generally takes no more than 24 hours

This community is invitation-only

What is Nibol for Business

Dive immediately into the future of work

When you will be admitted to our community, you will be able to contact us to activate a free full trial of our flagship product: Nibol for Business, a cutting-edge SaaS that is set to turn offices into the workspaces of the future.

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Code of conduct

We set a few rules to make sure that our community will be an open space for nurturing fruitful relationships. For this reason, we ask you to take a quick look to them before getting in our space.

Be respectful

The fruitfulness of our community is based on reciprocity. You give, and you get. For this reasons, we will protect our community from misconducts and disrespectful attitude of any of the users.

Don't sell

No marketing or lead generation strategies are tolerated in the community.

Feel free to share your thoughts

Nibol works to make our community free and safe. As we try to keep a high level of confidentiality, no conversation should go beyond the boundaries of the community.

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How do I get in the community?

It's easy! Just take a look at our Code of conduct and request the access to the community by visiting this page.

I am not a Nibol for Business user, may I get in in anyway?

Sure! Our community is open to every professional that may add value to the network.

How do I get Nibol for Business?

After you have requested the access to the community, you will be guided to the activation of your free trial of Nibol for Business.

What do I have to expect once the free trial is over?

Once the trial period will end, you will receive a tailored offer for you and your company to continue using Nibol for Business. In case you will not need our service, we will be happy to have you inspiring insightful conversations in our community. For further information, feel free to contact us here.

May I stay in the community even without using Nibol for Business?

Sure! We will be happy to have you in our community as long as you would like to :)

How long does the free trial lasts?

The trial lasts 14 days from the activation. For further information, feel free to contact us here.

What is the free trial?

Nibol offers to its community the possibility to get access to the full features of Nibol for Business for a limited period of time (14 days). During your free trial period, you will have the possibility to see first-hand the wide range of services offered by our product. For further information about Nibol for Business, visit our website.

How can I get the free trial?

The free trial is offered to the members of our community only. To get Nibol for Business, apply here to ask to join our community. Once there, you will be immediately directed to the activation of our free trial.

How much does it cost to get into the community?

Our community is, and always will be, entirely free.

Does the trial requires a credit card?

The trial does not require any credit cards for the activation.

Does the trial come with constraints?

Our trial provides access to the entire range of services offered in Nibol for Business.

How long does it take to be accepted in the community?

The process takes a maximum of 24 hours.